Supporting The Search And Rescue Community With

Revolutionary Technology And World-Class Service

Centralize The Tools Your Team Uses To Manage Missions

Eliminate Clutter, Save Time And Valuable Resources

Built Specifically For The SAR Community

To Suit Your Unique Needs And Objectives

Change the way you manage your search and rescue organization!

There are many solutions available that address different aspects of mission management, but none that combine and centralize all aspects of a mission. SAR Director provides the tools you'll need in one central location. Subject location, team tracking, team management, reporting and analytics all stored on our secure servers so that you don't have to manage any hardware or software and can focus on what matters: the mission.

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Hosted Software

SAR Director is a software as a (SaaS) service platform. This means there are no software packages for you to install or manage. New features and updates are installed automatically by our team.

Simple Navigation

SAR Director is designed and built with SAR personnel in mind. Our suite has been built with direct input from the search and rescue community following a design philosophy that is focused on providing powerful, yet simple to use tools.

Flexible and Customizable

Providing excellent service and listening to user feedback are the cornerstones of our company philosophy. We work with your organization to design our suite around your needs.

Simple Pricing Structure

Our all-inclusive pricing model means that implementation, training, ongoing support and updates are all included at no extra cost. We follow a subscription model and bill either monthly or yearly, depending on your organizations budgeting needs.